I am a big advocate for focusing on creating before all else. However, at some point, you have to take the business side of art and creativity into consideration if you want to make some money. So, which sells more, fiction or non-fiction?

This question may seem simple, but there are some nuances to it.

There is a logical argument for non-fiction selling more. A certain percentage of the world reads, and a much smaller percentage of people read for fun. But … there are some details here.

1 in a million smash hit fiction books can outsell non-fiction books. Fiction can also be more timeless than non-fiction. Non-fiction still wins.

Non-fiction is much easier to distribute online, like in blogs, like in the article you are reading right now. Publications will publish much more short non-fiction. There are way fewer places to submit short fiction.

I like to write both fiction and non-fiction.

The most important thing is to create. Art made for profit’s sake is not usually a good idea.