Hello, This is my 100th post!

First, to all of my followers and to anyone who has read even one word I’ve ever written anywhere,

Thank You

Now I have an important announcement.

I should have done this a long time ago and I admit that not doing this sooner was a mistake.

From now on, I will be writing about whatever topic I want on this site and on all other platforms

When I first began, I tried to put more niche content on different platforms. I really wasn’t sure as to what exactly I wanted to write about and where I should put what content.

I really want this site to be my personal writing platform. I want to have the freedom to write on any topic I choose on this site. So, what does that mean for readers?

Not much will change. All writing available for free online will still be under 1000-word essays, blogs, and articles. All self-published work is over 1000.

To end I will go over the different topics I write about

First, I write non-fiction and a little fiction. The formats are almost always individual or collected essays, and articles.

The topics I write about mostly include but aren’t limited to:

Current events, International and USA news, travel, languages, international relations, culture, war, climate change, energy, migration, history, and mental health

Of course, there are a whole host of more specific sub-topics and these topics almost always overlap

The format of writing that is available online or that I self-publish won’t really change, I will just write about more stuff.

Thank you so much for reading and please follow the site here on WordPress for more