If you are a language nerd like me, you might have considered buying a box of flashcards that are often sold in bookshops or online. Which languages do flashcards actually help with?

First, 3 notes

-Make sure to buy the most essential resources like a phrasebook and dictionary first

-Remember that you can always make your own flashcards at home with blank index cards and other language resources

-Flashcards should only be an extra resource and are not the best primary resources for language study

The following is a list of the languages that I have found were easier to study with flashcards (both bought and made at home).

  1. Mandarin Chinese and Japanese: Flashcards helped with memorizing individual characters (Hanzi & Kanji). This goes for any language that uses a version of the Chinese Character system.
  2. Vietnamese: I have only researched this language and not studied it. When I tried to learn at least a few words, I found having them on their own cards helped with the often detailed accentuation that denotes tone and pronunciation.
  3. Arabic or any language that uses a version of the Arabic script: Forming full words and sentences with the Arabic script can be a challenge. I like to have individual words to memorize patterns in the writing system.

This is my list. I want to end by saying that I don’t have anything against the use of flashcards as long as they are used with other, more important, language learning resources.

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