Hey, everyone, I have been really busy lately because I am currently in the process of moving. However, I obviously wanted to put some content up on this site. I have just about uploaded all of my photos from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (along with a day trip or two) on Instagram. I thought that I would put some of them here as well. The pictures will be accompanied by a caption. Here is the first batch of photos that I took.


This is one of my favorite pictures that I took. I took a lot of photos as I was walking around the old town. What I love about this picture is the contrast between the lovely old gateway and the bright yellow taxis just below it.


This is another photo from the old town (which I walked around in quite a lot). What I love about this photo is the mix of old and new. The streetcar with digital displays, everyone in modern clothing, and the environment is the old town of Prague. This is another photo where the actual colors add something. You can see the red of the streetcar contrasting with the color of the buildings that look much more weathered.


This is the same building that you saw in the last photo. I loved the green contrasting with the more beige color of the building.


This picture is of what, I assume, is a church. Again I loved the contrast between the tourists, some of whom were wearing quite conspicuous clothing and the weathered look of the buildings.

These were some of the best photos I took in Prague. More from the Czech Republic and Slovakia are on the way.

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