I want to start a series that I hope will be interesting for other people to read about. How I would have planned trips differently with the benefit of hindsight. Let’s begin
  1. I would have used a different airport, not Berlin-Tegel. The Berlin airport is great for going to Berlin, not as much for connecting flights.
  2. 1 night in Prague, go to Brno the next day
  3. more time in Brno and the surrounding region
  4. 1 week in Bratislava
  5. back to Prague for the leftover days and departure back home
I would have spent more time in Brno and left 99% of my time in Prague until the end of the trip. Brno was unexpectedly my favorite place out of the 3 main cities that I went to on this trip.
This is how I would have planned differently for traveling in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
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