Brno really surprised me.

(All photos were taken by me)

Less Tourist Filled

Brno feels more like a town where people actually live and work each and every day. While I thought that Prague was amazing, a lot of the old town can be filled with tourists. There are tourists in Brno, but a lot less. The city feels more real than some parts of Prague.

Quieter and Calmer

Brno, due in part to its smaller size and population is a lot quieter and calmer. There is much less noise pollution. The traffic noise is a lot less.

Apart from volume alone, the city feels less hectic. Everyone, including the tourists, seems to be more relaxed and not approaching any chaos that comes when there are just so many humans in one area all trying to do different things and go in different directions.

An Easier to navigate maze

Almost every city that was built and developed before cars were invented or with walkability in mind is somewhat of a maze. Why bother with having streets in a grid if everyone is walking or riding a horse?

Brno is a maze of twisting and turning streets with stunning buildings on either side, but it seems to be a bit easier to find your way around.

My guess is that just having a smaller city makes it easier to navigate.

Still Preserved

Even though there are a lot of modern businesses in Brno, the old town is still preserved just like a lot of other places in Central Europe.

I had no idea Brno would be so great. I sincerely wish that I had booked more time in the city.

The awesomeness of Brno is a good example of a point that I am going to write an entire essay/ article about. Make sure to travel to a country’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even 5th largest towns. Don’t just stick to the capitals and tourist spots because if you go out of the main cities you could find a gem like Brno.

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