Special plans for August (4 days early!)

I have a special language project for August. If all goes to plan, starting at the end of August I will be spending a few weeks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This is the reason for my special language project. In August I will be working with Czech.

My goal is to learn enough of the language for basic communication.

I don’t really have a reason for learning Czech to a high level so I will probably not study the language for more than around a month.

I hope that this month working with Czech will help me learn Russian, which I hope to learn to a high level in the future. Czech, like Russian, is a Slavic language. Even just a month with Czech could make learning Russian a little less difficult.

Because I have been told that Slovak and Czech are so similar, I am hoping that learning some Czech and English will be enough for traveling to Slovakia. I may still learn a little Slovak.

Czech seems like a cool language and I have already started learning a few words.

I will still be working with my normal language list for 2017 during August. This Czech project is a special circumstance for this month. I will be shifting some of my focus and time to Czech.

I am fairly confident that I will still be able to work with Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian and Spanish.

My thinking is that I can spend 4 out of 7 days working with Czech in August and the other 3 days can be spent with other languages as well as Czech. I want to focus on Czech for four days out of the week.

Wish me luck!

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