Languages are humans’ method of communicating with one another. We use them every day. Different places use different languages to communicate. Why do language nerds/ enthusiasts like myself learn languages?


Even knowing just a few phrases of a country’s language makes a trip, whatever the purpose, exponentially more enjoyable and easier. A desire to see more places and be able to at least communicate a little bit when you get there is a reason to learn languages.

Understanding one’s language

Learning other languages and learning about other languages can help build a better understanding of your own language. You begin to notice details and patterns in your mother tongue that may have previously gone unnoticed.

More understanding of the world

This point seems obvious, but it is important. Learning languages can help in gaining more understanding of other viewpoints and perspectives. For Example, The French may have a different take on something than America or Germany that can’t be fully appreciated in translation.

Output for a new audience

Learning a language can allow you to output content, whatever the content may be, to a new audience.

Consuming content

Learning languages allows more global content consumption. This content could be music, books, TV news, print new, podcasts etc. There is a ton of content out in the world that is not English.

These are a few reasons why language enthusiasts like myself learn languages. I hope this inspired at least some people to give language learning a try.