Anyone who likes languages or has studied languages has most likely seen one of these books on the internet or on a bookstore shelf. These are verb conjugation books. But do you need them?


I always like to start off with the bad news. These books can be quite pricey and heavy. These verb books are not the types of resources that you can casually take to a coffee shop.

Some languages have logical or simple verb systems. There are some languages where a long list of verb conjugations might not be all that necessary. For example. Turkish has almost no irregular verbs, so while there are many different verb conjugations, there are not really any exceptions to the rules, making a book of verb conjugations less useful.

There are different resources for learning verb conjugations that are less bulky and expensive. A grammar book or a textbook will almost always include at least a few examples of how to conjugate verbs.


Verb books are useful for languages that have lots of irregular verb conjugations like Spanish or French. Getting a verb conjugations book could be of some use for languages that have lots of irregular verbs.

These verb conjugation books are good for offline work. If you don’t have an internet connection and need to do translation work, these can be good reference tools.

I have used these books in the past and have mixed feelings on them. The most common series is the 501 verbs series by Barron’s. These conjugation books are good for any language with lots of irregular conjugations, but I have found that I stopped using them after a while and just memorized the pattern r used a grammar book.

Verb books are not the most necessary tools, but if you have the money and space it will not be a purchase that you regret.

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