This is a little on the late side, but I still wanted to write about it. Over spring break (the end of March), I got to spend five days in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. This was my first time in Canada. I liked it.


The city is beautiful. I could tell that there was a real effort to maintain parks and have a good number of trees in the city. The city also seemed fairly clean and well kept.


The city seemed to be quite walkable. I know that there is a metro, but I easily got a cab when I needed one.


The food in Vancouver, BC was quite good. There was a large variety of foods that all were well made and easy to find.

Melting pot

I was surprised at just how many immigrants there were in Vancouver. The city was more diverse than I had previously thought. Vancouver pleasantly surprised me with the degree to which the city is a melting pot of cultures.


One thing that I was not as happy about were expenses. Vancouver was quite expensive. The over 10% sales tax was also not the most pleasant thing for me as a travel because I don’t see the benefits that Canadian citizens see like cheap healthcare and university costs. Be prepared for the slightly higher prices.

French in the west

Lastly, I was surprised at how bilingual the marketing and media is in Canada. Almost everything packaged that I bought, like a can of tea, had both French and English. There were also French television stations available on the TV.

I did not know that French was respected throughout Canada. I thought that only Quebec province included both English and French in daily life.

I highly recommend Vancouver. It made for a great first trip to Canada.

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