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Let’s start with one of my favorite spots in Taipei.

[This is not an ad, I genuinely like the garden. ]

In 2015, I lived in Taipei [台北] Taiwan [台灣] for a little over three months. While I love cities and Taipei is most definitely a vibrant city with lots of activity happening. Taipei, like many other cities, gets a bit overwhelming at times.

Today I am going to share one of the best places in Taipei to experience a little nature and get away from the craziness of living in a big city.

This is the Taipei Botanical Garden [台北植物園]

This is a huge garden in the middle of Taipei. The garden is not just pretty to look at, it is also a place where some scientific research is conducted. Several museums are nearby.

What to do there?

Hang out and relax

One of the best and simplest things to do in the garden is relaxing. There are places to sit and relax during their impressively long public hours.

Walk around or run

I highly suggest the garden as a place to walk around or run. It is safer and a lot quieter than the city streets and sidewalks. Just be aware that there are tourists and some older people, so watch where you are going.


The garden could be a good place to hang out with your significant other if you both are looking for somewhere to hang out during the night or daytime.

Important notes


As always, be respectful. Don’t make too much noise or cause any harm to plants or animals. Don’t leave garbage laying around.

Bug repellent

When going into an environment with lots of wildlife in Taiwan, wear bug spray. Mosquito born illness is a thing in Taiwan, so protect your skin as best you can.

Admission fee

There is a small fee to get in through the main entrance, but know that you are supporting a great cause so Taipei does not lose a great natural environment in the city.


5:30am-22:00pm everyday

Check my included source document or go to their website for more info

Sources and more info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C0tSRkySL13679pKRs-AKRw6AKR-CmWRdAYf-NofGVs/edit?usp=sharing

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