I thought that it could be both fun and hopefully interesting for me to share my future language plans. These are the languages that I would like to learn to a high level (b1/b2) in the future, and why I would like to learn them.

  1. Spanish

I already am at an intermediate level and would like to improve.

  1. Italian

I recently found out that I am part Italian. I am currently studying this language.

  1. Mandarin Chinese

I am already at an intermediate level and need to improve.

  1. Turkish

Some of my dad’s family (my great-grandparents) immigrated to the US from what was then the Ottoman Empire.

  1. Finnish

I have been to Finland and enjoy the challenge of this language. I have studied the language in the past but want to improve.

  1. Arabic

I have taken an Arabic class before. The language seems interesting and not a language that many English speakers know.

  1. French

I have studied French on my own in the past and would like to get better. The language is an important second language throughout the world and related to Italian and Spanish.

I of course, may change this list depending on circumstances

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