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In recent years, there has been a significant rise in computerized instant translation, like google translate and a huge number of other online dictionaries like wordreference. To me, it does not seem likely that these machine translations will every replace more traditional language learning, whether it is at home or in a class, even if machine translations are correct a majority of the time. There are several reasons which I will now go through.

[But first a quick introduction]

I am not against machine translations. While I obviously enjoy learning languages the more traditional way, for temporary situations, machine translation can be fantastic. You can’t learn every country’s language, so there is a purpose for machine translation. It has a role to play in language learning. I also think that some online dictionaries can be quite helpful with quick translations.


There will always be people motivated to learn languages. It is hard for me to imagine a world in which people just stop wanting to learn languages to a more advanced level. Even if it is just one new language.


There will always be subtleties within different languages that can’t be understood through a computer. I think that humans will always have this advantage to notice that may not be possible in a computer. This includes things like expressing emotions and idiomatic expressions.

Language is part of Humanity 

Language is meant to be used. People want to be able to understand and communicate. To do this at a more advanced level requires more study and can’t be done purely with a computer. I don’t think that people want this to be totally computerized. People like communicating with others, even if it sometimes does not seem like it.

The Computer in your head

Your brain is always with you and does not need a lithium ion battery. I think that people realize you can’t rely on a computer 100% of the time.


Machine computerized translation is cool and has advantages. But I don’t think that it will never completely replace more traditional language learning in a class or at home.

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