Since the final week of 2016, I have been studying some Italian at 3-4 times a week. I also do work with other languages. I thought that I would share some of my first Impressions from around three to four weeks of study.

My Advantage

The first thing that I have to disclose is the advantage that I have with Italian. I am at an upper intermediate level with Spanish and have lots of experience with Spanish. This means that in terms of the ways that Italian works conceptually, there are not that many surprises. For example, the structure of Italian and Spanish sentences is actually quite similar. So I don’t have to struggle with knowing where to put certain words, even if those words are new to me.

First Impressions

Italian is a really fun language so far. Like all languages, Italian has a unique form of expressiveness and style. I am absolutely enjoying it. One of the reasons being that because of my level in Spanish, I can progress quite quickly.

While I largely don’t find Italian to be all that difficult there are a few things.

Spelling-The two issues that are consistent for me in regards to spelling are first, the che/chi and ce/ci. It is sometimes a challenge for me to break my Spanish pronunciation habits. The other issue that I have been facing are double consonants, like in the word gatto (cat). This is something that weirdly seems to be confusing for me, even though my native language, English, is full of double consonants.

Grammar-I can’t yet comment much on the grammar. The two odd things that are hard for me to get used are articles (il, lo, i, gli, and le) and the way that Italian makes nouns plural with an i or e at the end.

These are some of my first impressions.

I am having lots of fun with Italian so far.

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