It’s December! The start of a new month means that as always, I want to share my month’s language plans. The first week (this week) of the month is devoted to me finishing my university exams. But for the remainder of the month here are my plans:

TEFL-I have had to extend my TEFL certification course and will be finishing that by the end of the month.

Turkish-This is my main new language of 2016. I will be continuing to work through the Duolingo course and do work with a textbook on my own.

Spanish-I will continue working on the Duolingo course, and just that course alone.

Mandarin Chinese-I will do a little bit of work with this language. I want to do more work with Mandarin going into January of 2017.

(keep in mind that I am already at a low intermediate level in both Spanish and Mandarin, so I don’t actively self-study because I have a foundation of knowledge in both languages)

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