I think that some people in the US still don’t get how English got to the US, and have a somewhat misguided belief that obviously the United States is just an English speaking country and always has been. English was an import to what is now the United States.

First, let’s look at some history of the founding of the United States. The British began to colonize the Eastern coast of what is now the US in the early 1600s. These business ventures eventually turned into the 13 colonies. Other nations had already established colonies in North America, but for this post, I am talking about English in America so I am focusing on the British. These British colonies were the settlements that eventually turned into the US. source/ more info here: http://www.history.com/topics/thirteen-colonies

This system remained until 1776 when the declaration of independence was signed and the American Revolution began. The war for independence was due in large part to anger over taxation without representation from England and Britain’s attempt to have more control over the colonies’ governments. The colonies won, and founded the United States. The 13 colonies eventually, through westward expansion and other factors, morphed into the modern US.

Source/ more info here: https://www.britannica.com/event/American-Revolution

Why did I include this history? I included these two short paragraphs about US history to show that English just stuck around from the colonial period of American history and that the English came to North America for business. The colonial power that came to  North America and founded the colonies that turned into the US just happened to be the English.

So English just happened to be the language that stuck around. If another country that spoke a different language created the 13 colonies, then English might not be what it is today.

Apart from the history of English arriving on the shores of what would become the US, there were a huge number of Native American languages that were used long before the English ships arrived in North America. A lot of these languages are still spoken today.

You can see a map of common Native American languages spoken in the US here in this article: http://tinyurl.com/lkzlz4s

So even today there are languages that are native to this land that are still in use.

So know that there were languages spoken in North America before English happened to get here, even if some in the US don’t want to acknowledge these Native American languages.

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