Seattle is one of my favorite cities in the US. Seattle gets a lot of tourists. I thought that I could use my three and a half years in Seattle to share my take on the safety of Seattle.

Let’s set up a scale. 10=most safe, places like Tokyo or Sydney/ 1=least safe, like a war-torn country.

On that scale, I would give Seattle around a 7 rating as far as safety.

I think that Seattle is fairly safe depending on where you go and the time.

There are some areas in Seattle that are a little dangerous.

I would say that in most areas you can walk around at any time and not worry. There are places that I would not walk around at night by myself. I think that if you are worried about it, you can walk in a group.

The main recommendation that I would give to anyone is to travel with someone else at night. Other than that, just use judgment and know where you want to go. I would say to keep your valuables on you or in your front pockets at all times.

Seattle is safe enough where you shouldn’t have to be that worried. The only areas that I would mention where you may want to travel in a group at night are certain parts of downtown and the area between Captial Hill and the international district.

Generally, if you use judgment, know where you are going and don’t get in anyone’s way, you should be fine.

Thanks for reading.